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Get the rank of any word on any site in two clicks. Just right click on the word and select "Is word worth to know?" menu item.

See the rank on dictionary sites in zero clicks. Seamless integration of the Chrome extension with top dictionaries. You see word's rank without any effort

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Found a new word with rank 500? Do your best to remember it. Rank 80 000? You can probably ignore it for a while.

Learn words you'd likely to hear often from your friends and colleagues and put rare words on a shelf if you don't have time for now.

We keep you covered

Language is developing, some words become trendy, popularity of other words decrease. That's why we keep digging through texts.

We use different sources, like books, films, news, wikipedia to calculate word frequencies. Rating is already based on more than 200 billion words counted. And the number is increasing...

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